What degree needed for QA

Blog What Degree Needed for QA According to Zippia, over 60% of QA testers have a bachelor’s degree, 16% are master’s degree holders, and 10% are associate degree holders. Future professionals study computer science, programming, information technology, or

What do you need to be a QA?

Blog What Do You Need to Be a QA QA testers ensure the quality of software, web resources, mobile applications, computer games, and other digital products. These professionals engage in checking their functionality and usability directly in the

Who is a Cybersecurity Technician 1
Who is a Cybersecurity Technician?

Blog Who is a Cybersecurity Technician? Cybersecurity technicians are professionals who protect computer programs, systems, and networks from cybercriminals. The latter unlawfully use information technology to obtain passwords, violate copyrights, steal valuable materials, steal credit card data, bank

Start a Career in QA
How to Start a Career in QA Testing?

Blog How to Start a Career in QA Testing A QA tester is a specialist responsible for ensuring the quality of computer programs, video games, websites, and various digital products. Unlike a quality control tester, a quality assurance